The HelpLine welcomes feedback on its service. When a compliment is received, either by  email, webchat phone, or other means, the member of staff receiving the communication will: 

  • Thank the sender/caller for their feedback 
  • Ask for permission to securely pass their feedback to the relevant member of staff,  HelpLine volunteer or peer supporter (where appropriate) 
  • Ask for permission to note their comments (with all and any identifying details  removed) for use in future The HelpLine materials or on the website 
  • Where appropriate, encourage the sender/caller to leave a review on The HelpLine’s  social media channels 

Where permission has been given, the quote or email is transcribed into a document  accessible only by The HelpLine staff. Any details of the caller/sender are removed, as are  names of staff members and HelpLine volunteers, and any other details which might identify  any individual. The date and method by which the complimentary quote was received are  also recorded. This document provides source material for quotes used on The HelpLine’s  website, annual report, and other literature. 

Where permission is not given either to report the compliment to other members of staff, or  to record it, no note of the telephone call is taken, or the email is deleted. 

The caller/sender may contact The HelpLine at any point in future to request that their quote  is not used, even if permission had originally been given. It will then be deleted from The  HelpLine’s system and no longer used on promotional materials. 

May 2023