Our confidentiality and quality commitments  

The HelpLine provides confidential and anonymous support to individuals from the Jewish  and wider community facing challenges. 

We operate our service 24/7 via three support channels:  

  • Freephone HelpLine – 0330 1273333 
  • SMS/WhatsApp on 07479273333 


We have the following regularly updated polices in place to protect and help the service users  we support:  

  • Confidentiality  
  • Privacy  
  • Complaints 
  • Compliments  
  • Safeguarding  
  • Whistleblowing 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Code of Conduct for volunteers 

These are available to be read on request.  

Use of support channels 

  • Our team provide a listening ear, signposting and emotional support  Our team do not provide counselling or therapy and are not qualified to do so; where  relevant we can signpost to guidance on how to find this support  
  • Our team members are not medically qualified and contact with a service user where  medical conditions are mentioned is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  We actively encourage support contacts with health concerns to speak to a qualified  medical practitioner.  
  • We do not provide legal advice and cannot comment on any legal proceedings.  Our team will not tolerate abuse of any kind and will not engage with a service user  they believe may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  
  • Our team members make brief notes of HelpLine calls and SMS/WhatsApp which are  stored securely. The HelpLine does not record calls or routinely record identifying  personal information nor do we have access to individual caller’s telephone  numbers. All notes are destroyed after seven years.  
  • Calls are not recorded. Supervisors may listen in to calls for monitoring/training  purposes. Such calls may only be listened to by the core staff at The HelpLine and are  never shared with third parties.  

Our policy regarding repeat callers

Service users may use the various channels more than once if required. 

  • Calls to our HelpLine should only very rarely exceed 30-45 minutes as lengthier  contacts usually suggest the call has lost focus and become circular and  counterproductive as well as tiring  
  • The HelpLine seeks to make its services available to as many people are possible. We  reserve the right to limit repeat contacts in terms of time and frequency to ensure  others can access our service. Such decisions will be made in consultation with the  senior team and core staff and will be communicated to the service user. 

Responsibilities of Service Users 

  • Service users take responsibility for the information they divulge.  
  • Service users should not provide The HelpLine with any documents relating to their  medical history, court cases, or anything else of a personal nature.  
  • Photographs, videos, or any other personal documentation will be deleted and not  opened or stored. If such media are opened in error the service user will be informed  and the files deleted immediately.  
  • To avoid caller dependence The HelpLine is not able to inform HelpLine callers as to  when named volunteers or core staff members are on duty. 
  • Service users are requested not to send gifts or cards for individuals. If they wish to  show their appreciation, they may donate via our website or provide feedback on our  social media channels. All donations are used to benefit the aims of The HelpLine and  are gratefully received. 


As we do not have callers telephone numbers, we cannot contact you following a call. If you  wish to offer any feedback on the call, or by following our complaints policy.  


We aim to provide you with a safe, confidential space where you can access support and be  signposted to help.