never struggle alone

The Helpline is a confidential and anonymous helpline supporting individuals from the Jewish Community facing challenges.


All calls are taken by trained volunteers who are there to listen to our callers.


We show sensitivity to our callers by validating their experiences.


Where appropriate we signpost to the right agencies and professionals.

The power of a listening ear


It’s no secret that so many people around us are suffering silently. Or is it? Until recently, the stigma and denial surrounding mental health and suffering was perpetuated by the fear of ‘opening up’ about such problems.

Yet, we all know how beneficial it is to be able to speak to someone about something that is disturbing us. It is with this in mind that The Helpline was recently established in Manchester, UK. With the guidance and encouragement of the communities leaders and mental-health professionals, The Helpline has chartered a new path in the community.

Since its inception some short months ago, The Helpline has extended a listening ear to tens of people of all ages and walks of life. We have already seen great success in alleviating the burden of those struggling to bear the weight of their fears and worries.


Video resources

R' AY Goldman

Rabbi Goldman has over 16 years of experience working with teenagers and has been running his own yeshiva, Yeshivas Darchei Torah for the past ten years. He is also considered an expert in the complex and challenging field of Kiruv Kerovim.

Debbie gross

Debbie Gross is the founder and director of the womens crisis center Tahel, in Israel. She founded the organization in 1993 to help women in a time of crisis and now it is a national centre to help women and children dealing with trauma.


Other videos on the topic of teenage upbringing, etc. by Dr Yehuda Marshal, Yakov Barr, Dr Leon Bernstein, Dr Freedman and others.